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What Are the Ingredients In Our Revitalize IV?

Revitalize contains a unique blend of ingredients designed to help boost your metabolic function.

Our revitalize IV includes : 

  • IV Fluids: A sterile saline solution that delivers nutrients directly into your bloodstream, rehydrates your body, and ensures 100% absorption.
  • Vitamin B12: A B-Complex vitamin associated with preventing memory loss and improving concentration, as well as boosting energy
  • B-Complex Vitamins: A complex of 8 different vitamins that perform a range of vital functions including cardiovascular support, helping your body convert food into energy, immune function, and more.
  • Vitamin C: A vitamin that plays many essential roles throughout your body, helping to maintain systems such as muscles, bones, immune support, and your circulatory system.

In addition to what’s included in this IV, you can select IV add-ons such as B12 energy shots or anti-nausea or anti-inflammatory medications to address any aches or pains that are further weighing you down. You can also get a glutathione shot to remove the accumulation of free radicals that can contribute to cellular damage and low energy.


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